At Functional Fueling Nutrition, we believe in a functional nutrition approach that complements your lifestyle, all while helping you reach your nutritional goals. You will receive the highest level of individualized care that has been streamlined to maximize your health and success.

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What People Say

Colin Destache,

NFL Free Agent

RE: NFL Camp Nutrition Presentation
You did a great job engaging us, definitely a different kind of nutrition presentation than what I've heard before. Very specific and in depth but not over my head. It was also great that you recommended specific products without trying to hard sell them to us. Thanks again for taking the time, Lauren!

Cameron Meyer,

NCAA D1 Pole Vaulter

RE: Fueling Plan
Since the very beginning with my FF plan, I’ve successfully maintained the proper body weight, while not having to starve myself or lose muscle. My body fat percentage has decreased and I’ve been able to gain a few quality pounds of lean muscle, which is critical in my sport. Plus, I feel great at practice every day and I get to eat foods that I enjoy. On top of that, she also has assisted me with my vitamins and supplements, weeding out the ones I was wasting my money on and adding in ones I didn’t have that I needed. Working with FF has truly been a great boost to my performance and my overall health.


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