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You have likely heard of popular diet trends like IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros), Whole30, and Paleo. The latter two are more similar to one another in that they focus on not how much, but what type of food you consume. Whereas the former, IIFYM highlights quantity rat...

Your eating habits, often times are the first thing to go when traveling. Not by choice, but because of schedule changes, adapting to different time zones, being exhausted from flights, etc.

It can be tough to keep up with your usual routine. It’s much easier to reach...

Do you ever feel like you struggle to know how to complement your diet to your workouts? I can relate, and know how challenging it can be to synthesize all of the conflicting information on what and how much to eat around workouts. It wasn't until I became a practicing...

Healthy eats, workout explanations and healthy travel recommendations in Costa Rica!

Once found only in health food stores, organic foods now seem to be the norm at most supermarkets. Some choose to purchase organic produce, grass fed meats, or organic milk for environmental reasons. Others believe these products simply have more nutritional benefits....

Can telomere health be the next step forward in finding everlasting life and preventing disease, or is telomere length testing “molecular palm reading?" Read on to find out what researchers are saying about these tiny molecular structures that protect our DNA.


A recap on what our founder and dietitian ate in a day. Also, her reflections on how she has grown and what she has learned about the meaning of health this past year.

As a Registered Dietitian, I have worked with thousands of individuals to help them achieve their nutrition goals.

The number one reason why I see variability in people's success always comes back to their intention, commitment, and purpose. To many, staying committed m...

When considering the health benefits of a particular food, we often focus on each nutrient that it contains independently. This gives us a better understanding of how that specific food can help us reach our daily nutritional requirements. However, the way our bodies d...

Easy and healthy swaps to your favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

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