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Hi, I'm Lauren

Registered Dietitian + Women's Health Specialist

I am so glad you are here! This field of work began as a personal quest to deeply understand health from a root cause level.  I believe that the human body is much more complex than simply calories-in vs. calories-out. True healing goes so much deeper. I began my quest to root cause wellness through my own personal challenges with imbalanced hormones, persistent weight gain, digestive and skin issues. When the traditional "healthy" way of eating failed me I set out to fully understand how to become a nutrition detective.


In our work together we won't start with nutrition first, because nutrition is the tool, but not the reason. We will start with your symptoms and with thorough assessments that help us get to the root cause of optimizing your health and wellness. We will use functional nutrition as a tool in your personal healing journey.

Through starting at the root, we will rewire and rebalance your body to its optimal functioning. You will heal from the inside, out. You will understand how to nourish your body for a lifetime of wellness. I will provide you the tools, education, support, and encouragement to get there.

Our work together goes so much deeper than nutrition, this is soul work, I am your new best girl friend.



Tell me if any of this sounds like you...

Your stomach can't tolerate many foods and your digestion and skin just "isn't right"

Your periods are irregular or absent

You are dealing with hypothyroidism or what seems like a "slow metabolism"

You workout but don't feel satisfied with the results from your workouts

You feel anxious or stressed around food, especially in social situations

You are ready to feel beautiful and confident from the inside, out

Here's What I Can Help You With...

Balancing Hormones + Blood Sugar

Amenorrhea - PCOS - Pre-Diabetes + Diabetes I/II - Premenstrual Syndrome - Endometriosis

Thyroid + Metabolism

Hypothyroidism - Hyperthyroidism - Hashimotos - Grave's Disease - Metabolic Resistance or Adaptation - Persistent Weight Gain


Issues + Skin

IBS - SIBO - Parasites - Eczema - Acne

Body Composition

Lose Body Fat - Gain Lean Muscle Mass - Weight Loss or Weight Gain - Optimize Body Fat Percentage

Healing Your Relationship with Food

Disordered Eating - Body Dysmorphia 

Sherri L.

You were so compassionate, listened to what I had to say, always explained why and what you were having me do and were extremely knowledgable about everything I asked and what you taught me.

What They Say...

Nery S.

A little more than a year ago I was very depressed and having lots of body image issues. Working with you, I learned how to feed my body and get the energy I needed for my workouts. It was the extra step I needed to start getting the results I craved, in a healthy way. 

Erin S.

I contacted Lauren to feel healthier, stronger, and feel the best I possibly could. I realized I had looked at food wrong for quite some time. Lauren was such a wonderful mentor throughout the whole process and someone I felt like in could be honest with and confide in.

Here's How We Can Work Together...

Hormones + Metabolism

8 Week Group Coaching Program

One-time Consultation

1:1 Coaching

Not sure where to start?

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