ariel a. (30 yoa)

1:1 Coaching - acne, digestive issues, pms

ariel a. (30 yoa)

1:1 Coaching - Acne, digestive issues, pms

1:1 Coaching - menopause

Working with Lauren has helped me change my long established eating habits forever. The way she explains the reasons for eating the recommended foods makes you understand the why of following the nutrition protocols she provides. Then you start feeling better, having more energy and moving better. You won't want to go back to your old way of eating!

Michelle K. (34 yoa)

1:1 Coaching - amenorrhea, hypothyroidism, sibo

I want you to know what a tremendous impact you have made in my life in just the past few months. I never thought I could actually enjoy food or even have a healthy relationship with food, the way I do now. Thank you, Lauren, for empowering me and guiding me towards a healthier future.  You got my period to come back after four years, reduced my headaches by 70-80% and decreased by brain fog. Choosing you as my dietician was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

michelle h. (34 yoa)

1:1 Coaching - Amenorrhea, Performance, 30 lb. Weight Loss

sophie h. (27 yoa)

1:1 Coaching - Hypothyroidism, Gut health, Amenorrhea

lauren l. (28 yoa)

1:1 Coaching - Gut Health, 25 lb. Weight Loss

Joan H. (65 yoa)

Liz l.(67 yoa)

1:1 Coaching - menopause, eczema

I have been working with Lauren for the past three months and it has been an amazing experience. It has been three months and I feel amazing, I don’t have any arthritis, I am walking 3 miles every day and have lost at least 25 lbs. I tried clothes yesterday and I could not believe how well they looked. I will keep on working with Lauren. She has been my rock!

Sherri l. (47 yoa)

1:1 Coaching - food sensitivities

Working with you was a dream. You helped me overcome my fears of eating certain foods related to migraine's along with gaining weight, yes, gaining weight! You were so compassionate, listened to what I had to say, always explained why and what you were having me do and were extremely knowledgable about everything I asked and what you taught me. You helped me increase my food library and taught me so so much. I cannot recommend you enough. You were instrumental in getting me well and I along with my family are so thankful for you. 

ashley s. (44 yoa)

1:1 Coaching - performance

I love my plan and the results I have experienced. You are the only one who has helped me be successful in cutting body fat while increasing my strength. You are also so prompt with responses to my questions and concerns. I cannot thank you enough for helping me better myself.

cindi t. (42 yoa)

1:1 Coaching - perimenopause

I’m very excited with how working with Lauren has changed my entire life. This is the best my body has looked EVER!!!!!! And I feel so much better all around. I am beyond thrilled with every bit of my progress. Lauren has equipped me with information that I can use as a lifelong process. I haven't felt this great about my weight ever and myself.

parker p. (28 yoa)

1:1 coaching - low testosterone

Before working with Lauren, I was constantly feeling fatigued- struggling to get through a day of work. My blood work showed high cholesterol and several vitamin/hormone deficiencies. Lauren examined by labs and recommended a diet and vitamin regimen to help. After 3 months, my labs are now all within normal range and I feel better than ever. It's been 5 months and I am still following my nutrition plan and focusing on the principles she taught me while working with her. Thank you!!

cara r. (34 yoa)

1:1 coaching - postpartum hormone balance

Before working with Lauren, I had been pregnant or breastfeeding babies for five years straight and had not been making my health a priority. My diet was crazy after having the mindset that I could eat whatever I wanted while breastfeeding. Lauren really helped me understand how often I should be eating and what those meals should be made up of. After only a week of working with her, I felt like a new person with lots of energy. The overall health benefits have been amazing and I’m so thankful for the lifelong skills she has given me as well as all the fancy resources she shared with me. The bonus is that she is such a great person to work with and the overall process was enjoyable and an investment I would make over again.

1:1 coaching - amenorrhea

I came to Lauren almost 5 months ago looking for support with recovering from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and improving my hormones. Rather than prescribing a standard nutrition plan, Lauren suggested a DUTCH test so we could see what was going on for my body and how we could support my body and my goals. When we got the results back, Lauren reviewed them with me in a way I could understand and she explained what foods and supplements would help heal my body. For the first time in a long time, I started eating in a way that supported my health and made me feel good - not just to hit numbers or macros. My sleep, my energy levels, and my mood have all increased drastically since I started working with Lauren and I know I am well on my well to my healthiest self! I can’t thank Lauren enough for all her support in answering my questions, explaining things to me, and reassuring me during times I struggled. I can’t recommend her enough! After 5 months, Alison recovered her menstrual cycle naturally through food, lifestyle and personalized supplements.

alison f. (34 yoa)

erin s. (29 yoa)

1:1 Coaching - metabolic restoration

I contacted Lauren to feel healthier, stronger, and feel the best I possibly could. That's exactly what happened. I realized I had looked at food wrong for quite some time. I know have a much better understanding of what I am putting in my body and know what I need to eat on a regular basis to fuel my body for my clinicals all day, graduate school classes at night, and workouts that are squeezed in between the two. Lauren was such a wonderful mentor throughout the whole process and someone I felt like in could be honest with and confide in. She opened my eyes to the healthy way to view eating and taught me just how to give my body what it needs to perform its very best!

KATHLEEN O. (30 yoa)

1:1 COACHING - gut, performance

I'm a distance runner and initially came to Lauren with a history of disordered eating and underfueling, and 8 yrs of persistent GI issues. I expected Lauren would help me come up with a better fueling plan so I could run stronger, but I never anticipated that all of my GI issues would also be resolved. I feel physically better than I have in 8 years, and I have more confidence and food freedom. I'm running stronger and feeling better on a daily basis, all thanks to Lauren's guidance and expertise!

Wendy o. (35 YOA)

1:1 COACHING - PCOS, Diabetes, Weight loss

I just wanted to say that I truly have enjoyed learning more about myself and this process. While I still don’t enjoy cooking, you gave me so many options to help make things easier for me and accomplish goals. I started out with the group program and while it was fun I really needed a 1:1 experience. The DUTCH test really helped identify all the low areas of my hormone and androgen levels which helped with understanding why my energy is always so low. I’ve accomplished so many goals during my 3 months that I’ve been trying to do for 3 years in the gym. My fitness goals were to lose weight, have more muscle definition and to survive my workouts. My health goals were to get blood lab results on the right track with my cholesterol, diabetes and help with managing PCOS. My labs showed vast improvement and they continue to do so. I look forward to working with you again!

Stephanie H. (31 YOA)

1:1 COACHING - weight loss, acne , gut

I started working with Lauren because I wanted to lose weight, clear my skin, and work on my gut health. Everything Lauren provided was so organized and easy to follow. She is FULL of information and she is so educated in this area. Cooking isn't my strongest talent, but her recipes were so easy to follow and were delicious. My skin is in the BEST shape it has been in in MANY years. I have lost about 10 lbs. in the 3 months working together and I have gained a wealth of knowledge.

VANNESSA K. (29 yoa)

1:1 COACHING - pcos, gut

I wanted to work with Lauren because I had spent years yo-yo dieting and exercising with little changes to my weight. Over the years I just felt worse and worse. I couldn't deal with how tired I was all the time anymore. Lauren helped me with the root cause of my problem, which was GI related. She helped me feel better than I have in years. I love that I'm still feeling better and losing weight everyday. Lauren gave me the tools and knowledge I need to continue feeling good for the rest of my life. 

Helen. (29 yoa)

amenorrhea, food sensitivities, GI issues

I came to Lauren not knowing how to support my body to have regular periods and have optimal function for my gut. She equipped me with all the resources I needed and developed an individual plan for me. I'm so grateful for how much I've learned and will continue to implement my knowledge to live the healthiest life I can. 

Nichole P. (24 yoa)

Endometriosis, Gut Health, energy performance 

I absolutely loved working with Lauren! I'm sad that I "graduated", but I never would have believed I can feel as amazing as I do now more than a year ago. Before working with Lauren, I was at my wits end with endometriosis and was trying all options before having to undergo another surgery. Through diet and supplement recs, Lauren helped lift me up and I'm happy to say that 99% of my endometriosis symptoms have been alleviated. I never thought that would be a possibility before working with Lauren since I have been in chronic pain for years. In addition to endometriosis support, we were able to work on healing my gut, improve my energy and performance in the gym, and I left in the best state possible--physically and mentally. 

I had worked with a dietician before. They did a food sensitivity test and told me to eliminate a bunch of things, but nothing ever changed because they never spent the time to get to the root of my issues and figure out why they were happening. I'm so glad that Lauren and I were a match! In our first 15 minutes, she knew exactly what I was talking about and for the first time I felt heard. She worked tirelessly to help me get the labwork and the testing I needed when my conventional doctors would not give me the labs or provide the answers I needed. In one month of working with Lauren, we discovered I was symptomatic of SIBO and immediately started the protocol. Within days, I started feeling better and the decrease of symptoms and improvement in life began and it's been getting better ever since! I cannot thank Lauren enough for giving me my life back. As dramatic as that sounds, that's truly how I feel. Although I'm sad to no longer be working with her, she has given me the knowledge and tools I desperately needed to continue on my journey. She played a huge part in my mind shift and realized that not every day is going to be perfect and that's okay! Life is still meant to be lived, you just need to learn how to balance everything and make the best choices for you. Lauren does not tell you to give up anything permanently, but instead provides you with better choices. Her approach is not an all or nothing one. Ultimately, it is up to you to make the best decision for you and she is there to support you all the way. She has been my biggest cheerleader throughout the past 1.5 years and I truly cannot thank her enough! 

jen k. (37 yoa)

post birth control syndrome, hypertension, digestion

I began working with Lauren to help improve my skin (acne & hives), sleep, terrible PMS/periods and to get rid of the mold inside of me. Since working with Lauren my acne has improved and I am mold free! 

SARAH (28 yoa)


KELLA (33 yoa)

I began working with Lauren after some clinical labs came back as less than desirable. What surprised me was that within minutes she was able to identify the root of my lifelong issues surrounding food intolerances, allergies, brain fog and fatigue that I had no idea were related to my current complaints and which were missed by medical providers for 15 years. Over the next few months Lauren built me schedules and meal plans that accommodated my busy lifestyle and were foods I was interested in eating. There was constant support in building a system that worked best for me, not fit me into a prescribed box of what most diets and lifestyle changes often look like. Within two weeks I started seeing massive changes in my life. I was sleeping better, my memory was improving, and for the first time I felt like I had real energy. Throughout the months we worked together she helped me overcome challenges to staying on track and worked to find solutions to roadblocks. After our time together we were able to accomplish my goals and I’m left with positive lasting changes to how I eat and my lifestyle. By personalizing this journey to how I live my life, I am able to sustain the changes I made and keep on top of my goals. Lauren’s support, her availability to concerns and questions, and most importantly, her genuine desire to help, made this the best investment in my life and has truly changed the way I live for the better.


bri (29 yoa)


I began working with Lauren because of my history with PCOS (long overdue diagnosis after frustrating doctor visits that came to a head when I had emergency surgery to remove an ovary). It wasn't until that point that I was listened to by the doctors at the hospital. Lauren listened from day 1, tested everything in depth immediately, and tweaked protocols based on results after every meeting we had in order to achieve such great improvements -- not only by the end of working with her, but by the first month! Through her I realized that it's not about perfection, but rather making small specific changes based on test results in order to resolve the internal battles my body was facing. I not only felt different throughout the process of working with her but results were proven in my physical results as well as straight up data from testing again! I'm a completely different person than I was a year ago because of her advice, knowledge, listening ear, and support. And all the changes I've made are realistic for my lifestyle and sustainable for long term success!  

I began working with Lauren because I needed to find a solution to my problems that was long term. I had terrible, painful acne after stopping birth control. I was constantly having GI issues and an upset stomach. I also wanted to lose weight. Traditional medicine could only take me so far. I was diagnosed with IBS and told to manage my GI symptoms as best I could and take Accutane for my acne which has a whole host of nasty side effects. I am a registered nurse. I believe in modern medicine, but I also believe in a holistic approach to caring for yourself and throwing medicine after medicine at a problem will not fix it. You have to solve the root of your problem to change it. After seeing Lauren’s transformation of herself and following her online, I had hope she could help me with my issues. After 3 months of working with her my acne had cleared to the point where I no longer had new breakouts, I have significantly less GI issues, and I had lost about 20 pounds. I’m still working on my GI symptoms and my weight loss is continuing. I was a really healthy eater before working with Lauren, but she gave me new knowledge about portions and eating the right kinds of foods for my body. She gave me a new relationship with food and a new confidence in myself. If you want to invest in yourself, invest in Lauren. 

Leslie (29 yoa)



shay (30 yoa)