How To Set New Year's Goals

As the New Year quickly approaches, now is the time we begin to reflect on the past year and set goals for the one ahead. For many, 2020 was quite the ride. For myself, 2020 brought a year of the toughest moments I thought I could not work past and some of the most wonderful.

To my readers, patients, patrons, thank you for your support of Functional Fueling Nutrition this year. The ability to have an impact on your health is one that I cherish.

As I reflect towards 2021, there are a few goals I myself would like to accomplish. These are goals that I have thought through and recorded as the year has gone by. Something I got into the habit of when dealing with sleep issues years ago was journaling before bed each night. I write down goals, thoughts, fears- all of it. At the end of the year I like to look back on my journal entries and consolidate all of these goals and limiting beliefs onto a single document so that I can work through how to accomplish and overcome them.

Then comes the actual accomplishment phase. For many, this is the hardest. We know so easily what we want but sometimes the act of putting in the work and showing up each day falls to the wayside. Let me start off by first acknowledging that I, just like anyone else, am not perfect. I have days where I lack motivation and passion just like anyone else. The biggest thing that helps me still accomplish these goals is not letting myself ever drift too far from the path.

Whether it be what I eat, how I take care of myself, exercise, business, etc. I always allow myself a few days to feel in a funk but anything beyond a few meals or a few days and I put my foot down. I do this because I know firsthand how much of a downward spiral this can become so easily when you let the foot off the gas too long. I know the feeling all too well of getting out of the routine and not being able to find your way back into it.

Let’s talk a bit more in detail about goals and how to effectively work towards them. I am going to share with you some of my own and how I plan to accomplish them.


  • Work 8 weeks on, One 4 day weekend off

  • Decrease working hours by 10%

  • Devote one weekend day to self care

How will I accomplish this: schedule it into my calendar, block off schedule during these time periods


  • Reach out to family and 2 friends each week

  • Schedule a date night once per month

How will I accomplish this: set a reminder each week on the same day using my Reminders app, communicate my goals to those on the other end of the relationship, commit to a consistent day each week



  • Continue to support metabolic health and wellness

  • Exercise

  • Log workouts and progressively improve fitness capacity

How will I accomplish this: consistency with nutrition and workouts, progress each week, assess labs every 3-6 months, utilize KetoMojo at least 2 times per week to assess progress


  • Journal and read every night

  • Take 1 day off social media each week

How will I accomplish this: I will continue to keep a journal next to my bedside, get into bed by 8:45 pm, leave my phone at home on Sundays

With any goals, it is always helpful to create macro goals of what you hope to accomplish this year or in the next 6 months and to create micro goals that are bi-weekly or monthly accomplishments. If you only create macro goals, it is easy to lose sight of the process to get there and often these goals become forgotten.

For example, if my macro goal is to log workouts and progressively improve fitness capacity, I need to determine my monthly workout set-up and track this information so that I know I am working towards that. I will do this by keeping a training journal and writing down my workout with rate of perceived exertion, time/reps and weight/intensity. Each week I will try to improve upon this whether that be for more time/reps or more weight/intensity.

Whatever your goals might be for the New Year, write them down and break them into smaller ones. Write down how you will accomplish these micro and macro goals and establish accountability systems throughout the year to hold yourself accountable. I love my calendars and reminders apps for this!

What goals do you have for 2021?

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