RD Day Eats + The Cost of Leanness

It's been over a year since I last shared what I ate in a day and looking back on then, vs. now, I too have grown in my nutrition choices. View old post here.


I have worked with even more clients and have cultivated new ways of doing things based on what I have also seen help my clients succeed. In the last year I have continued to read more research, employ more practical opportunities and done my best to be flexible in my methods (aka, to learn).

So what has changed?

I believe quality and quantity matter (100% of the time). However, I have found flexibility in both (which we all should at some point). I no longer "stress" about traveling or social activities de-railing me from my goals and my beliefs. I do my absolute best when these events happen, but I don't stress about it, I move on. Has this affected me? Yes, it has. I am so much happier and freer being able to enjoy more experiences with less stress. However, my weight set point is also a few pounds higher because of this, and that's okay. I have found a balance between the two and know that if those few pounds ever mean that much, I know exactly where I need to tighten things up.

My point being here though, don't allow your body to define you. Don't let it limit you from experiences or your presence at experiences. "Nobody cares as much as you do about the way you look." Find confidence in your current state. Eat and exercise in a way that feels good to you. If that way doesn't make you look like your best friend or celebrity crush, that's okay. We are all uniquely made to be different.

Now...onto what I ate in a day :)

Breakfast: 2 whole cage free eggs + leftover Butcher Box grass-fed pork + roasted butternut squash + plantain chips + coffee w/ Laird Superfood (of course)

Lunch: Veal burger w/ pepperjack cheese + bean sprouts, cucumbers, bell peppers, spinach w/ homemade dressing (balsamic vinegar, oregano, Kasandrino's cold pressed olive oil) + Quesadilla: Ezekiel sprouted tortilla w/ pepperjack cheese

Snack: RX bar (not pictured)

Dinner: Grass-fed beef stew meat atop mixed green salad w/ roasted butternut squash + 1/2 cup rice & quinoa hot cereal w/ 1/2 scoop protein powder + 1/2 tbsp almond butter

With Love,


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