Could Your Metabolism Use Some TLC?

Have you dieted harder and exercised more in the hopes of shedding those unwanted pounds, and it's still just not working? Why does this happen and what is typically the cause?

Simply put, our metabolism, stress, and inflammation.

When our body feels threatened to receiving enough energy, our metabolism compensates by adjusting (slowing down) to ensure we can still survive. This eventually elevates our cortisol levels, our stress hormone, and thus causes even more water retention than before. Typically we respond by eating even less, and exercising even more. The problem with this is that it causes chronic stress to our body, thus causing our inflammation levels to skyrocket.

I am a firm believer that inflammation is the number 1 root cause of chronic illness, weight gain, and poor recovery from exercise.

While all of these issues (metabolism, stress, and inflammation), are important, if the first guy (metabolism) isn't being treated well, it is like a domino effect down the line.

When a client comes to me and they've exhausted all options for weight loss and are on the verge throwing in the towel, my first point is to ask the three magic questions:

1. How long have you chronically restricted calories and over-exercised?

2. What are your stress levels?

3. What does your diet look like?

All of these questions point me in the direction to know what is the main culprit. I can tell you, 99.9% of the time, their metabolism just needs some TLC! Check out our Metabolic Strengthening by the Numbers graphic below, as you can see for yourself that when you give your metabolism the extra TLC it needs, your body responds accordingly.

Unsure if the Metabolic Strengthening Plan is right for you?

Check out our Metabolism Checklist to find out if your metabolism could use some TLC.

For more information on Metabolic Health, see our previous blog post on It's Not You, It's Your Metabolism.

It's not magic, it's science. Eat enough of the right foods, and your body will repay you. Start working with a dietitian coach today to start strengthening your metabolism!

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