Why We LOVE Choline

C H O L I N E...funny name, right? Yet, one of the most powerful nutrients. Did you know it is one of the all famous, B Vitamins?

Read on to learn about the INCREDIBLE benefits of choline and how you can be sure to reap these benefits from the foods you eat everyday!

Benefits of Choline:

- brain development (esp. in utero)

- healthy metabolism

- exercise recovery (depleted after just 1 hour of exercise)

- prevents buildup of homocysteine (predictor of heart disease)

- muscle function

Choline is so important during pregnancy that high-doses of it have even been linked to decreased cortisol, the "stress hormone" (Jiang, X et al., 2012).

According to the Journal of Advances in Nutrition, a choline-deficient diet resulted in fatty liver and muscle damage. This was restored when choline was returned to the diet.

It is estimated that nearly 90% of people aren't getting enough choline in their diet today. This is especially true for men and post-menopausal women, since choline requires estrogen to be synthesized.

Sources of Choline: (in order of content)

1. Beef Liver

2. Wheat germ

3. Egg

Other sources: beef, salmon, cruciferous vegetables, peanut butter, and milk.

Interested and want to learn more about the role that choline plays in sports performance? Check out this video!

What is your favorite way to include choline? Mine is an egg omelet :) Share below!


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The Choline Information Council, retrieved from:

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