What I Ate in A Day (RD style)

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE healthy and clean foods, but 75% of the reason to the name "Functional Fueling" is because we believe nutrition should be functional (the other 25% is because we believe in "functional foods"). AKA not a structured diet plan that deprives you of the foods you love, but something that includes powerhouse nutrients and leaves room for some yummy treats each day! That being said, here is what I ate in 1 day.

Note: This is a pretty typical day for me, minus I usually have something more sweet like some ice cream/chocolate, but wasn't feeling it today. This was including a morning workout (just lifting as that is all I am doing these days) and a trip to the San Diego Zoo with my niece and nephew (yes, you can always eat healthy at parks, esp. in San Diego).

6:30 am: small bowl of berries, greek yogurt and peanut butter ~1 hour before I worked out (not pictured)

Note: I never work out fasted for a few reasons. 1. Working out fasted results in negative protein balance (aka decreased muscle building) and for me that just isn't the goal; I like muscle, 2. I feel terribly weak if I don't eat before so I always try to wake up earlier to have something, even if that means I have to set my alarm for 4 am; I am crazy I know, but a good workout is most important to me!

9:00 am: "Functional Wellness Shot" (recipe coming soon to the blog- stay tuned) + Smoothie consisting of frozen spinach, frozen berries, 1 scoop Daily Organic Greens powder (because you can never have too many greens!), small handful of oats (for texture) + 1 small bowl of old fashioned oats w/ 1/2 scoop grass-fed whey protein and 1/2 tbsp peanut butter

12:00 noon (packed a lunch for the family and I for the Zoo to save on money and inferior ingredients): all the veggies- romaine, mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and snap peas w/ a large grilled grass-fed chicken thigh and a few "Little Potato Company" garlic potatoes + 1 small bag of whole carrots (not pictured- will discuss on another blog post why they weren't baby carrots, stay tuned) + 1 Ginger Kombucha

3:00 pm (starving in traffic): 1/2 Kirkland Protein Bar (basically a Quest Bar, but better) + a handful of these protein gummies (not the greatest ingredients but it's all I had in the car)

4:00 pm (when I got home- still hungry): small bowl of greek yogurt w/ frozen black berries and a handful of salted almonds + a small piece of more chicken thighs + cucumbers + a small piece of Kerrygold Dubliner cheese (so YUMM) + cold brew coffee w/ a splash of heavy cream

8:30 pm: 3 cage free eggs + feta cheese omelet + medium sweet potato w/ pb on top (must try if you haven't) + huge plate of roasted brussel sprouts and vegetable kabobs & a La Croix water to top it off

Somethings to notice that I do intentionally when I eat:

1. I always include a decent serving of protein

2. I try to keep my meals a healthy balance of P/C/F

3. I am sure to include a source of probiotics every day.

Typically this is either as kombucha, water kefir or kimchi that I make from scratch. It is way cheaper than buying probiotics and they all are concentrated with multiple strains.

Also, when I am back at my own home I typically eat a larger variety of foods but since I am staying with my parents right now, I try to not be too picky, so long as I have good quality ingredients. Also, I have unintentionally changed over to more low carb and higher fat diet these days simply because that just feels right. Since being in San Diego my body hasn't been craving much starchy vegetables or other carbohydrates, so I am simply just listening to my body and making sure I am making up for the less carbohydrates with more fat (can't complain!). I am sure this won't last long once I get back in the swing of things, but I choose to always honor what my body is asking!

If you guys would like for me to share more of what I eat in one day, please comment below or on a Functional Fueling social media page!

**Please note, these foods are not a one-size-fits-all plan that works for everyone. I will have much different calorie needs than you. These meals are simply provided as an example of what a normal day of eating looks like for me.

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