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Hi, I'm Lauren

Registered Dietitian +

Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics

I am so glad you are here! I too have been obsessed with performance and sports my entire life. I grew up a competitive gymnast, then cheerleader, and went to college on a cheerleading scholarship to the 12-time National Champions, Stephen F. Austin State University. Here I competed on the Large-Coed Team and placed 7th in the nation in Partner Stunts. After college I began working in Division I athletics as a Performance Dietitian. Here I had the honor to work with some of the nation's best athletes and was the team dietitian for the 2019 National Championship team, UCLA Softball.

My extensive training in nutritional sciences, exercise physiology, and integrative medicine has shaped my philosophy.

I believe in the powers of real food to fuel performance.

I believe that a healthy athlete is a well-performing and resilient one

and that there is no place for goldfish or Powerade in an elite athlete's nutrition plan.

I will teach you that nutrition is the ticket to next level performance. 


Who I've Worked With

  • UCLA Athletics

  • Olympian, Professional, and National Championship Winning Athletes

  • UCLA Spirit Teams

  • Stephen F. Austin State University Athletics 

  • Texas Tech Football

  • USA Swimming

  • Texas A&M Athletics

  • John Carney NFL Launching Pad Camp

  • Ironman Competitors

  • CrossFit Top 10 Regionals Athletes

  • American Open Olympic Weightlifters

  • Weekend Warriors

Track and Field Athlete

Here's What I Can Help You With...

Performance Optimization

What to Eat - How Much to Eat - When to Eat - Approved Supplements for Sport

Body Composition Changes

Lose Body Fat - Gain Muscle - Change Body Composition



Prevent Joint Pain and Arthritis - Prepare for Surgery - Heal Injury Quickly - Regain Strength

Relative Energy Deficiency

Loss of Menstrual Cycle - Bone Stress Injuries - Disordered Eating

Richard A.

In just 3 short months, I was able to drop 10 lbs. and decrease my body fat percentage significantly. You provided me with perfect amount of calories and outlined the ideal set-up of each of my meals around my demanding training schedule. 

Vernard J.

Not only have I been able to lose over 20 lbs. and inches but my endurance and strength has gone up three fold during my two a day training sessions. I am much more mentally alert and my quality of life has been raised through the roof!!

Ashley S.

You are the only one who has helped me be successful in cutting body fat while increasing my strength. You are also so prompt with responses to my questions and concerns. I cannot thank you enough for helping me better myself.

What They Say...

Here's How We Can Work Together



This is perfect for you if you are just getting started with nutrition for performance. I teach you everything you need to know!

45 min. of content,

Life-time access 


Personalized Nutrition Consult + Plan Package

1:1 Consultations with Me. Thorough Diet, Training, Lifestyle Analysis. Personalized Nutrition + Supplementation Plan + Meal Plan w/ Recipes.

Macro Coaching

Monthly subscription that includes premium access to my App. Personalized macro recommendations integrated into the App.

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